The Puerto Rico Hostel  is San Juan's hostel of choice. It is a home away from home and a community for those seeking a modern, safe adventure that is in a fun neighborhood located at the crossroads of many of Puerto Rico's best attractions. 

Our guests appreciate that The Puerto Rico Hostel is located in the middle of one the most walkable neighborhoods Puerto Rico; the hostel is located just steps away from the beaches, forts and culture that made Puerto Rico famous. We love all of San Juan, and we created this hostel with the mission of providing an experience that goes beyond seeing the sights, but also gets you into neighborhoods and meeting and interacting with locals and travelers alike.  We achieve this on a daily basis by providing clean, safe, and modern lodging, and by staffing the hostel with people who are knowledgeable about the city.  The Puerto Rico Hostel is equipped with amenities that include a shared kitchen and free WiFi.

Private Rooms or Shared Rooms are available for our guests. 
Private Rooms
Shared Rooms